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Italia Jauregui or Linda Elze
Published by: Italia or Linda Elze on 28-Mar-17
How Does Pay Per Click Work

Pay per click marketing is also commonly called PPC and PPC marketing. PPC marketing might sound expensive and complicated but it?s a very simple way to get targeted traffic to your website. And targeted traffic is really the only kind of traffic you want. Pay per click marketing is advertising in which you pay each time someone clicks through to your site.

To understand how pay per click works, let?s pretend that you have a website about collectible art. You?ve written a great guide all about collectible art and you sell it from your website. Maybe you also sell some art pieces.

You want targeted traffic to come to your website. In this case, that would be people who have searched online for something relating to collectible art. They are already interested in the topic of your website. That?s makes them not just traffic, but targeted traffic.

The best keyword to use for your pay per click campaign would be collectible art. But there?s a pretty good chance that other people might want that same keyword. So you would have to bid on it, and the highest bidder gets to use it.

If your website was especially designed for people who want to learn to make money with collectible art, your phrase could be more specific aimed just at them. This keyword might bring you better targeted traffic and have less competition.

Once you have your keywords and you decide how much you want to spend per day on your PPC campaign, then the company will display an ad that links to your website. If you won the keyword collectible art, then when someone searches on that phrase your ad will be displayed on the search page.

Also, if there are websites dealing with collectibles, art, and other related keywords that have joined the network, your ad may display on those sites so that their visitors might click through.

Your ad will be displayed until the purchased number of clicks have occurred, then it won?t display again until the next day. If you?re getting 100 clicks for $5, and you?ve set your budget for $5 per day, then even if you get 100 clicks in 20 minutes the ad won?t display again until the next day.

Because you can plan your campaign like this, based on a budget per day, PPC is an excellent way to start out marketing your site. You spend $5 per day or however much your budget will allow for several days. If you?re not making sales out of all those clicks, then you know you need to adjust something.

It might be that your sales message is lacking. Or maybe your product even needs tweaking. And it could just be that the keyword you chose isn?t the right one.

It?s not difficult to change keywords and put your daily budget toward a different approach. This helps you see if the pay per click campaign itself needs work, or if it?s your site.


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