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Earn an extra $500/wk from Simply having your car covered, and piece of mind.

Earn an extra $500/wk from Simply having your car covered, and piece of mind.
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Here is just some of what you'll get!



Emergency Roadside or Collision Assistance

When you're driving a personal vehicle, you’re covered if something goes wrong.


Unlimited emergency towing service
All Plans provide for unlimited towing to the nearest service facility and some provide up to 100 miles of towing to the destination of your choice.


24 hour emergency road service
Includes minor mechanical adjustments, changing tires, jump starts, fuel delivery and opening locked doors.


Our Total Security plan includes up to $100 toward towing for recreational vehicles and more
Includes RVs, boat trailers, motorcycles, Duallys, etc.


Emergency reimbursement
Receive up to $500 for emergency room services after a covered accident.


Daily hospital benefits
Receive $150/day up to $54,750 for a prolonged hospital stay as the result of a covered accident.


Emergency travel and living expenses
Up to $500 for auto rental, lodging and meals or commercial transportation for you and your family after a collision away from home.



Legal Representation for Moving Violations

Our local attorneys will represent you for non-criminal moving violations, and our great success rate means you may never need to spend another weekend in defensive driving.


Moving violations
Includes speeding, following too closely, improper lane changes and more. $200 maximum reimbursement for legal representation.


Vehicular manslaughter, auto assault or vehicular homicide
Maximum coverage of $2,000.00.


Personal damages collection
Covers injuries sustained while in a vehicle or being struck by a vehicle while walking. $500 maximum representation.


Auto damages collection
Personal vehicles. $500 maximum representation.



Travel Assistance & Discounts

This comprehensive program provides you with professional, multilingual, 24/7 travel and emergency medical assistance services worldwide whenever you are traveling 100 miles or more away from your principal residence.

Touring and Travel Services
Customized maps and itineraries, plus booking assistance for hotel, car rental, and commercial travel.


Travel Discounts
Rental cars, hotels/motels and more.


Emergency Medical Evacuation or Assisted Repatriation
If necessary, a medically supervised evacuation to the nearest medical facility or, when in a foreign country, transport back to your home.


Loss Protection Program

When you‘re on the road, you’re at a greater risk of theft and other misfortunes. MCA can help.

Reward for stolen vehicle
$5,000 for info leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your auto.


Farm and ranch reward
Up to $500 reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your livestock, saddle and tack, trailers, or farm equipment.