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STOP Waisting Your Credits!

STOP Waisting Your Credits!
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Are you tired of working hard to earn credits to send emails, only to have 98% of those emails not even get opened?


Low open rates and low click rates cost you time and money.  You only have so many hours in the day to generate traffic.


Now, there is a mailer with a solution to low engagement ... All Active Mailer.


All Active Mailer is different because it only sends your emails to the most active users ... those who have just joined or have opened an email in the last 90 days.


No more sending emails to people who haven't clicked a link in a year!  Now it takes less credits to email the entire list and you get more opens and clicks too.


There is more to it than just saving credits though.  With Gmail filtering more email than ever before, if you keep sending emails to subscribers who are not opening them, then more of your email ends up in spam.  All Active Mailer has a better reputation with the email providers so your marketing mails get noticed.


Join All Active Mailer for free and use all the features.  Upgraded members get the ability to mail 3 times more often and 1,000 email credits every day, plus a list of extra benefits.


Click to Join and See How Higher Engagement Gets Better Results!